Sleeping like in a 5 star luxury hotel!

Hotel Rössli Davos Schlafkonform in Boxspringbetten

The box spring, also called continental bed, the most popular and best selling bed in the world. To sleep in these beds is luxury pure.

Previously, they were mainly supplied to luxury hotels and cruise ships, today, more and more, box spring bed’s are purchased by private persons. Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obama and Tom Cruise and many other sleep in such a bed.

A box spring bed is less a piece of furniture, but a frameless design element of decoration. It consists of 3 elements, the slat base, the box spring mattress, and then the 3rd level, the topper. There is no bed frame, but a mesh base on which a head is attached. The most important thing is the thick, deep quilted, heavy up to 100 kg box spring mattress with innerspring, which adapt perfectly to every body. The couch is therefore high quality by a multiple than in a conventional bed.

Plush mattress toppers, the lofty height, strung draped on pillows and duvets arouse the emotions of a special kind. You will be surprised.